discrimiNAT on GCP

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The discrimiNAT firewall is architected along the Internal TCP/UDP load balancers as next hops guide from GCP. As the guide suggests, these NAT instances are simply a bump-in-the-wire with:

  • no explicit client configuration
  • load balancing
  • proactive health-checks


Launch Free Trial on GCP

The discrimiNAT firewall is listed on the GCP Marketplace. The architecture discussed above is available as a Deployment Manager template to launch on subsequent steps from the marketplace subscription.

Creating a Bastion for SSH access

In GCP, on some occasions you may want a bastion host present in your VPC. Like for accessing a discrimiNAT instance over SSH, or accessing a host without a public IP.

Quick Start

Deploy discrimiNAT firewall on GCP in 5 minutes — Quick Start Guide