discrimiNAT on Google Cloud (GCP)

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If you require complex or custom routing, and have Infrastructure-as-Code for your deployments already, this is where you will find the key information. Terraform junkies pick this option.


For a 5-minute deployment, assuming secure defaults, from within the marketplace console itself. This will totally lock down your VPC from the get-go unless appropriate FQDN-based egress firewall rules exist for outbound connections, and VMs needing to bypass discrimiNAT completely are network-tagged with bypass-discriminat.


Pertaining to the Quick Start only. If you go down the DIY route, the architecture will be as per your design.

A discrimiNAT firewall becomes the NAT solution for your VPC, making the use or presence of other NAT gateways redundant.

It is architected along the Internal TCP/UDP load balancers as next hops guide from Google Cloud. As the guide suggests, these NAT instances are simply a bump-in-the-wire with:

  • no explicit client configuration
  • load balancing
  • proactive health-checks
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Launch Free Trial on Google Cloud

The discrimiNAT firewall is listed on the Google Cloud Marketplace. The architecture discussed above is available as a Deployment Manager template to launch on subsequent steps from the marketplace subscription.

DIY for discrimiNAT on GCP

Integrate discrimiNAT firewall on GCP in your bespoke VPC layout

Creating a Bastion for SSH access on GCP

In Google Cloud (GCP), you may want a bastion host present in your VPC for accessing a discrimiNAT instance over SSH or a host without a public IP.

Quick Start for discrimiNAT on GCP

Deploy discrimiNAT firewall on Google Cloud in 5 minutes — Quick Start Guide