About Us


Raspberry Pi running discrimiNAT, filtering packets at Chaser Systems Lab

Our story begins with trying to protect our data and limit the exposure of personal and IoT devices to the internet with a transparent, in-line gateway at home. At the time developed on a Raspberry Pi, our Packet Engine is still tested for compatibility and performance on the modest capabilities of an ARM SBC.

Then sometime in the post-Cloud world, on retrofitting security appliances (from the bygone era but now virtualised) in the Cloud, we had an epiphany and realised a newer form of a lean security stack leveraging Cloud-native APIs and addressing modern threats was in order. Chaser Systems was founded.


One Canada Square, Chaser Systems Lab at Level39

Now based out of Level39, Canary Wharf, we are part of a community of leading FinTech, Smart Cities and Cybersecurity companies. Not only does this ensure we are on top of emerging threats but also that we can closely monitor trends in patterns of Cloud utilisation.

Tip: If you are in a critical situation, you can engage with Cyber39 confidentially. Each member is contactable alone, or in combination, to respond to critical requirements.

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For discrimiNAT, we leveraged GCP’s internal load balancer bump-in-the-wire technology to build a genuinely cloud-native and seamless solution. By staying away from a transparent proxy like a solution, a whole category of risks such as protocol downgrades and performance degradation were architected out.


We have clocked an astounding number of hours in developing an end-to-end testing framework, for our products, that tests across a whole range of platforms, scenarios and integrations automatically, and can cover the rarest of infrastructure edge cases. Our exhaustive test suite ensures consistent quality, tight control on the promised functionality and a spec-tested user experience of our products. This results in quick turnaround times to feature development, and patching should a security researcher report an issue to us via our vulnerability disclosure guide.


We are committed to substantially improving your cybersecurity integration experience, even in systems with complex interactions. Our products focus on:

  • Painless Configuration
  • Shift-Left Operability
  • High Performance
  • Integrations with the Ecosystem
  • Security by Default
  • Meeting Compliance Standards


At Chaser, our mission is to reduce your time to market by building defensive components that:

  • Operate on modern infrastructure with native aesthetic and integrations
  • Work without friction in a collaborative setting such as DevOps, Agile and Squads
  • Are built on views of cybersecurity analysts on emerging threats
  • Meet industry recognised cybersecurity standards out of the box