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why chaser


It may be unusual for a positive security company to practice Extreme Programming, but here we are. Despite the incredible complexity of our task and use of esoteric techniques and hardware, we still stick by it. It permeates from our workstation setup to CI/CD pipelines to product design. Extreme Programming is in our DNA, and you should expect our products will only complement your Agile velocity.


Team autonomy and developer experience is something we deeply care about. Gone are the days when developers would be expected to raise tickets for changes on shared, centralised infrastructure. Our product design is tuned for utilisation in a federated model where each software service is vertically integrated and independent, and developed and operated by an autonomous group.

Deep integration with your IaaS of choice, such as Google Cloud or AWS, is one of our fundamental design principles as well. We don't expect you to learn something new and train up on vendor-specific technology either.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Our product reviews are at G2 ensure the individuals leaving the review are real customers. All our marketplace listings also syndicate reviews from G2.


Our commitment is to substantially improve your cybersecurity integration experience, especially in a microservice world with complex interactions. Our product design delivers:

✓ Painless Configuration
✓ Shift-Left Operability
✓ High Performance
✓ Integrations with the Ecosystem
Security by Default
✓ Meeting Compliance Standards


Our mission is to reduce your time to market by building defensive components that:

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➟ Operate on modern infrastructure with native aesthetic and integrations
➟ Work without friction in a collaborative setting such as DevOps, Agile and Squads
➟ Are built on views of cybersecurity analysts on emerging threats
➟ Meet industry recognised cybersecurity standards out of the box
➟ Work with microservice architectures and horizontal scale